Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, was I proud!

Yesterday I saw my sister for
The woman she'd become.
   And, OH, was I proud!

Beautiful and smart
Funny and kind
Peace-making and faithful
Loyal and temperate
Determined and generous
Passionate and strong
Forgiving and healing
Loving and wise.

Sometimes I see you as the little girl growing up beside me, slightly behind me, on the ever dwindling end of the timeline of disaster we called childhood.  You were fierce and kind, and braver than I ever was.  While I was looking up to you, I like to think you were looking up to me, too, and OH, was I proud!

We learned so many things together:

Anyone can be brave with the right person beside them.

Words aren't always necessary, but shoulders are.

Be careful who or what you take for granted.

Santa is for suckers!

You must seize for yourself moments and hours and days you will treasure.

Believe and protect children.

Watch each other's backs, and stay vigilant.

Neither war nor peace is guaranteed for long.

Don't let what you can't control define you.

Be better than you HAVE to be.

Be greater than the sum of your parts.

Give with a glad heart, or even a sad heart, but GIVE.

Don't believe everything you're told.

Keep an open mind, but draw your own conclusions.

Make plans, but know that LIFE is what happens in the meantime.

Don't pass up a chance to laugh.

Never turn down a child's hug.

Keep promises or don't make them at all.

Tears don't mean you're weak.

God sees us out of the corner of his eye.

Today I left my sister, perfect baby at her breast in her arms, and I could force my feet to walk away only because I know they are in good hands, each other's. 

And, OH, was I proud!

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