Monday, September 3, 2012

My Favorite Portrait of Me

Little Tiffany once presented me with a picture she had drawn of me. Sadly, the drawing itself  has long since been lost. Upon studying the picture closely, I noticed what looked like lots of hairs sticking straight out all around my entire face!  Always having been self-conscious of facial hair, however light in color, I was a bit disconcerted that it should be so obvious as to be included in such a young child's depiction of me.  I finally pointed to the hairs on the paper and asked Tiffany to explain.

I have kept what she said next in my heart ever since, where I will treasure it forever.  Smiling lovingly and proudly, the sweetest little girl in the world said this to me:

It's YOU as the SUN.

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  1. Simply beautiful. Love you both. -Mhanda